Monday, April 11, 2011

It Rained On My Parade...!

It was March 19th, I was in Singleton attending a fundraiser for The Children's Cancer Institute Australia. The evening was a great success the family and friends of the late Tom Kirkwood had gathered in his honour.
I had had a thoroughly good time and had met some inspiring people. The most inspiring had to be Mr. Kurt Fearnley, a Gold Medal Olympian (too much for me to even try to attempt to describe his achievements maybe you should do a wee search for yourself).
I probably had about 40mins sleep before getting up to travel to the Sydney St.Patrick's Day Parade and Family Festival. I was so excited! I was to assist at the commentary of the St. Patrick's Day Parade. This was to be a major bullet point on the "Galvin Bucket List"...but it was not meant to be... from Cessnock to Sydney the rains were tropical and what you'd find on Beale Strand on a balmy August day... a downpour. Then the inevitable happened..I got a phone call from President Ger Ryan.. this was around 8.20am and a strange maturity soon replaced the disappointment...Yippee!! I could go back to bed!

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